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Roof restoration is a procedure that can turn an awful, tired, drab tile roof into something looking really new and smart! It can give a metal roof that has rusting and mismatched sheets a brand new lease of life. I’ve seen roofs done 15 years ago that still look good. Not bad, but keep in mind this is from a quality coating that has a long guarantee also.

This is something to consider if your roof’s condition is mid its life cycle and if the hardware is in OK shape with not too many repairs. We are roof repair and recoating specialists and can inform you the price differences for your roof restoration project.


Heat Build-up

Reduced vegetation in our cities has been contributing to them becoming “urban heat islands”. Large industrial estates are also responsible for attracting a great lot of heat because of the large lengths of metal. So the application of heat reflective paint in your roof restoration project not only keeps that individual building cooler, but contributes to keeping air temperatures lower for the surrounding buildings.

Heat Reflective Roof Paint

Heat Reflective paint has been around for a while and is a good addition to your roof restoration project. Typical benefits include less air-conditioning, stronger, more waterproof and extremely durable structures.

The end result is not only preserved material preventing roof restoration costs, but internal temperatures that have been dramatically lowered which returns lower energy bills along with reduced green house emissions. This is an important part of roof restoration.


 Mistakes People Make With Their Roof

When painting a roof there are a few mistakes that you actually need to avoid. Painting a metal roof can incorporate a huge range of tasks which include a few tricks of the trade.

Using leftover paint

Your roof requires a different kind of paint. The paint that used inside homes does not work on a roof restoration project. Paint used on wood will not work for roofing solutions. The paints used on roofs are usually fire resistant.

There is no sealant

Another mistake is not using sealant before applying paint. The paint usually tends to just peel off in case the sealant is not applied. Using chemical bonding techniques, this paint seals the paint to the roof, thus ensuring a longer life to it.

The paint is not energy efficient

An energy efficient paint is reflective and opaque, making it thicker and more economical in terms of saving energy. Acrylic and titanium dioxide makes it far more profitable, productive and easier to use.

Wrong Application Methods

Not putting up enough paint and then putting it on incorrectly, is another mistake many people make on a roof restoration project.

Not paying enough attention

It’s important to have a clean-up routine for your roof every six months. A mixture of bleach, liquid detergents and water will be required to have the cleanup done.


Tiled Roof Restoration

Increase the value of your home

If you’re thinking of selling or hope to one day make a profit on your property, it is wise to keep on top of your roof restoration needs. The aesthetics of your home plays a large role in its overall value. If your roof is looking beat-up and a bit worse for wear, it is very hard to conceal.

Common imperfections such as cracks from expansion and contraction, raised tiles, erosion from heavy weather exposure and deterioration from built up debris. All take away from your home’s physical beauty and cause it to appear aged as well as neglected and is why a roof restoration can increase the value of your home.

Extend the life of your roof

Unless precaution is taken through roof restoration, damages within your roof are inevitable, particularly when living in areas prone to rough rain and wind. You want to ensure that replacing your roof doesn’t become your only option. Taking preventative roof restoration measures will increase its durability.

Leaving your current roof to deteriorate from causes such as moisture logging and also absorption, dirty water run offs and a disregard for re-pointing, will needlessly cut many years off its actual life duration.

Save money!

Damages left unattended to will worsen in severity, and become either unmanageable or too expensive for you to justify. The longer you leave it, the worse the damage gets (to both your roof as well as your wallet). Seeking roof restoration will prevent excessive water damage, leaks, loose tiles, damage from moss and structural harm, and therefore prevent pricey repairs later down the track.

Furthermore, you will not only be saving money on your roof repair bills, but on your energy bills as well. The cost of running heaters and air conditioners becomes unreasonably expensive when air is escaping due to your roof not being properly sealed against the weather.

Protection of your family

Damaged roofs have the possibility to cause more damage to your house and probably cause harm to your family. This is something that you need to prevent. It is also the reason why many people invest into roof restoration and repairs. If you want to protect your family and investments, this is the best service to consider.

Get Rid of Inconvenience

Inspecting the roof frequently will help you distinguish harms and have the repairs done in great time. Roof redesign, then again, will help fix issues with the roofing materials before they intensify.

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