Expert Asbestos Hazard Removal In Newcastle & Central Coast

When you want to remove asbestos from your building, you should consider a lot of factors. The factors below should consider when hiring Removal Contractor:

1-Have a Control Plan.

This ensures that the asbestos removal process is carried out in a well-planned and the safest manner possible. You should focus your plan on ensuring that control measures are taken to reduce risks of asbestos exposure. This plan is only organized by licensed contractors and is prepared before the work begins.

2-Control the Risk.

It’s advisable to try and control the risks associated with asbestos removal to ensure that everyone is safe. Here are the necessary measures to take in controlling the risk:

-Limit Access

Ensure that you limit access to the site you’re working on. Put up asbestos removal display signs and install barricades to inform people that the area is out of bounds.

-Decontamination and Disposal Procedures.

All asbestos debris from the site should be placed in tightly sealed bags. This ensures that the waste is disposed of correctly and further contamination is avoided.

-Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Every asbestos removal contractor should provide their workers with appropriate respiratory protective equipment. The equipment protects them from inhaling harmful fibers.

-Personal Protective Equipment.

The contractor and his workers must wear protective clothing at all times while at the site. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes safety footwear, overalls, and gloves.

-Air Monitoring: The Code of Practice.

How to Manage and Control Asbestos Removal in the Workplace also requires that after all the work has been done, an independent licensed asbestos assessor carries out air monitoring. You should ensure that Clearance and Clearance certificates issued. Only then can the building be re-occupied.

Asbestos Removal sounds easy, but it is not a simple process. You have to keep some points in your mind during removal of asbestos. The main important concern is you don’t do it yourself. It is not an easy task. It can greatly affect your health.



How To Remove The Danger

Removal of asbestos is a 2-step process. The first step would be to have the asbestos material examined so as to ascertain if it indeed does contain the harmful asbestos fiber. The second step will be to have it competently removed. In doing this, you should take note of the following:

Get in touch us to start to start the process. In Australia, all aspects involving the removal of asbestos fall under the Work safe Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

To steer clear of any possible conflict of interest, it is advisable to have the suspect materials being tested by one testing company and the asbestos removal being carried out by another different company.

Be ready because in some instances, you may need to temporarily relocate the entire household as the work is being carried out.

Methods and Precautions for Safe Removal

Wet Removal Method

This method is the most favored. The asbestos fibers get suppressed through having water poured over them under minimal pressure so that chances of the fibers getting airborne are reduced. Little or no dust gets generated because the water is low pressure.

Dry Removal Method

This asbestos removal method may be used in situations where water possibly could pose a safety hazard, such as when somebody is working on bathroom electric conductors and live wires. Other situations would be when doing the asbestos removal in fully or partially enclosed areas.

Water Injection and Saturation Method

With this method, the asbestos gets completely soaked in water in case it is extremely thick, such as a bathroom floor. Water gets directed injected onto the friable asbestos material using a precise injecting head having inlets and outlets of water. Afterward, the injectors should be disposed of as asbestos waste.

Precautions and Safety

If the bathroom asbestos removal work is large scale, the following precautions should be observed:

– The asbestos removal expert should be a licensed person permitted to undertake large-scale asbestos removal of non-friable and friable asbestos

– Going through asbestos removal in the bathroom, the workers ought to put on suitable respirators and protective coveralls to minimize risks of inhalation. For asbestos removal work that is small scale or being done by the homeowner himself, all safety precautions specified by the local authorities should be observed.

– Indicate to all that hazardous work is in progress using suitable notices. Ideally, the asbestos removal work should be performed when the other home residents are away. Remember this is a bathroom which is regularly used by house residents.

– All those who are involved in the asbestos removal work should put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as respirators, cover-alls and gloves. This equipment should be the recommended ones and ought to be thoroughly inspected before the work commenced and disposed of safely once the removal work is finished.

Asbestos removal in Newcastle and the Central Coast is an ongoing process. There’s a lot of older buildings in a city this size, and each one will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Asbestos removal is a task that requires experts. Doing the job by yourself exposes you to long-term health risks. It can even cost you a higher price than the price charged by the professionals. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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